Styleguide notes

Core elements

The core, universal building blocks for all sites: such as grids, typography and navigation.

To view a demonstration of the local navigation in full please navigate through the following path, starting from this page:

Faculty of MML > Departments overview > French > French in the MML tripos > Year 1/2.

Page layouts

For guidelines on using these layout variants see Page templates.

Colour themes

The colourways incorporate all six of the University's brand colours. The default is Cambridge turquoise.

Only one colour palette or theme should be used for a given Department or Faculty.

Certain brand colours have been modified slightly to provide better contrast, making them WCAG 2 AA compliant (for accessibility reasons). But these modifications remain as close as possible to the core brand colour palette.

Themes can be implemented by using the colour themes CSS.

Using the theme class set on the body tag will define the colourway for the current page.